Leader Stores Home Office 09/12/2014

How To Choose Home Office Furniture For Freelancers

There are certain implications of working freelance and from home that don’t apply if you work at a workplace other than home between the usual hours of nine to five. For example, when working freelance, because you are your own boss, it is more crucial that you motivate yourself to work rather than leave anyone else to do the motivating. Time management can prove especially important here. Below are examples of furniture from Leader Stores that could serve you well in your freelance working life in a home office.

Leader Stores DIY 05/12/2014

What better way to enjoy Christmas films with the family than with a home cinema?

Watching a film at the cinema can be a lot of fun, and certainly more so than watching the same film on a basic TV in a standard living room at home. Imagine, then, being able to enjoy something much closer to the cinema experience when watching a film at home. In fact, after carrying out some careful DIY work, you won’t have to merely imagine this. Here, we point out particular advantages of building a home cinema as the festive season approaches. You will be able to watch, cinema-style,... Read More

Leader Stores Outdoor Lights 03/12/2014

Effective but easy-to-overlook uses for outdoor lights

What can outdoor lights be well used for? Simple, you may think: making an outdoor area visible – and, as a result, useable – late at night, rather than just during the day. Yes, of course, that is one good use to which outdoor lights can be put. But there are many more uses which you may not have realised before. In this blog post, we detail some of these uses. Deterring vandalism, robbery and theft If someone wants to commit vandalism, theft or robbery in a house, they are... Read More


Learn more about our customer collection service

There are many different ways in which we can dispatch items from our warehouse to customers who live in various places around the UK. However, if you have your eye on any particular items stocked by Leader Stores, you could, without even currently being aware of it, stand to hugely benefit from using our customer collection service.

Bamboo Flooring 27/11/2014

Have you considered buying bamboo flooring?

There are several different types of flooring available from Leader Stores, and you could see good reasons to purchase flooring in many of these categories. However, you might not know so much about benefits of buying bamboo flooring – especially if you lack knowledge even of bamboo, the plant that this flooring is manufactured from.

Leader Fireplaces 17/11/2014

Great reasons to buy a new fireplace as winter and Christmas approach

Though, historically, fireplaces have commonly been used for heating, cooking and heating water, in the modern age, they tend to be primarily used for their effectiveness in encouraging relaxation. Well, given how relaxing it can be even just to walk around a historical building, we at Leader Stores aren’t really surprised that many people feel more relaxed when beside

Elesgo Supergloss V5 White Flooring 04/11/2014

Is ELESGO Supergloss Flooring Scratch Proof?

High Gloss Laminate Flooring is a contemporary and chic option when re-designing your property. It is the perfect choice for anybody with a taste for something unique or for those looking to create a sense of modern aesthetic. Available in a variety of colours and styles, these products have been built with the latest flooring technology in mind

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