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Door Disclaimer

  1. Upon unpacking, every door must be thoroughly checked for defects, faults or damage.
  2. If any are found they must be reported to us immediately.
  3. All doors must be treated, prior to installation, against moisture and the elements on all sides of the door.
  4. Upon receipt, every door must be hung. If installation is not possible all doors must be stored flat in dry conditions until required.
  5. All doors must be covered to keep them clean and kept out of direct sunlight. Air circulation around the door(s) should be kept.
  6. Door(s) should be handled with clean hands, or clean gloves, and must not be dragged across one another or other surfaces.
  7. Door(s) should not be stored in a room that has been recently plastered or where they may come in to contact with excess moisture i.e. steam.
  8. Door(s) should not be subject to abnormal heat, extreme dryness, humid condition and/or sudden changes in terrain.
  9. Door(s) should be acclimatised to average conditions of the installation location prior to installation. They should be stored in the room(s) where the door(s) will be installed prior to hanging in order to ensure they become conditioned to the present moisture levels.
  10. Door(s) should be trimmed equally on both sides. No more that 1/4” (6.35mm) should be taken from any side.
  11. Before applying the final finish to the door(s), remove handling marks and/or effects of moisture exposure with a thorough final sanding over all surfaces of the door(s) using fine sandpaper.
  12. Do not use steel wool and/or other sanding materials containing steel/iron on any door(s), especially Oak doors.
  13. Clean door(s) before applying a sealer and/or finish. Some species of wood, especially Oak, will cause a natural chemical reaction that can adversely effect certain finishes.
  14. Where possible, the surface of the door(s) should be tested for adverse reactions to finishes. The application of a sealer before finishing will usually prevent this.
  15. Before hanging a door(s) ensure all faces, all four edges and areas which have been rebated for handles, hinges and/or locks must be fully treated with paint and/or preservative.
  16. After fitting but before hanging any door(s) should have all faces and edges treated with a suitable paint or sealer.
  17. Adequate drying time must be allowed between coats, please refer to instructions from the manufacturer of the specific finish for drying times.
  18. Exterior grade finishes should be used on all faces and sides for exterior doors.
  19. Avoid dark colours on exterior door(s) in direct sunlight.
  20. Door(s) should not be exposed to adverse conditions until it has been properly finished by the application of suitable treatments.
  21. Regular maintenance is highly recommended to prevent the breakdown of finishing coats and to further protect the timber from deterioration.
  22. Leader Online Ltd, trading as Leader Stores, shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or problems resulting from poor workmanship applied to the door(s)