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Flooring Accessories Colour Match Codes

Here at Leader Stores we stock a huge range of flooring styles & colours.

To ensure you can match your flooring with any accessories you need, we stock a complete range of Universal Mouldings colour match door bars, scotia beading & skirting which are perfectly matched to your flooring.

Universal Mouldings are not an official product of Balterio, Sensa, Kronospan, Kronoswiss & Quickstep. However these manufacturers do work closely with Universal Mouldings to ensure the accessories are as closely matched as they possibly can be.

To make things simple for you we have created a table listing which FC Colour Code matches which flooring. Simply find the flooring you want and match up the colour code and you are ready to go.

For example Krono Original Vario 8mm Light Varnished Oak is closely matched to FC15.


Range Colour FC Code

Krono Original
Castello Tiles 8mm Belgian Blue (8458) FC37
Mustang Slate (8475) FC37
Palatino Travertine (8457) FC4
Palladio Sand (8474) N/A
Pietra Piasentinae (8699 FC33
Vintage Classic 10mm Antique Chestnut (5535) FC43
Appalachian Hickory (8155) FC18
Bakersfield Chestnut (5539) FC50
Olympus Hickory (8158) FC33
Red River Hickory (8156) FC35
Smokey Mountain Hickory (8157) FC43
Tawny Chestnut (5537) FC36
Krono-Fix 7mm Albany Oak (8635) FC18
Antique Oak (9195) FC50
Arizona Oak (8098) N/A
Cottage Oak (8731) FC57
Country Oak Straight Edge (6601) N/A
English Oak (8718) FC45
Harvester Oak (9747 FC28
Light Varnished Oak (9748 FC15
Living Beech (8814) FC8
Mocha Oak (8719) FC41
Riviera Oak (8092) FC45
Royal Oak (1665) FC18
Rustic Chestnut (0709) FC24
Rustic Chestnut (0709) FC24
Virginia Walnut (8748) FC41
Wasabi Oak (8527) FC29
Kronoclic Beech Straight Edge (9222) FC8
Brissac Oak Straight Edge (8264) FC51
English Oak Straight Edge (8718) FC45
Maple Straight Edge (8660) N/A
Tuscan Cherry Straight Edge (9342) N/A
Wellington Oak Straight Edge (8843) FC2
Kronostep Narrow Aberdeen Oak (8725) FC36
African Walnut (8729) FC35
Italian Walnut (8722) FC35
Windsor Oak (8720) FC51
Stoneline Tiles Dorado Tile (9506) FC33
Nero Tile (9528) FC37
Supernatural Classic Aspen Oak (8630) FC49
Bleached Oak (5166) N/A
Blonde Oak (8575) FC33
Castle Oak (8631) FC54
Colonial Oak (8632) FC40
Harlech Oak (8573) FC18
Havana Oak (8574) FC5
Light Brushed Oak (8634) FC13
Loft Oak (8576) FC54
Shire Oak (8633) FC47
Supernatural Narrow Oak Dark (4021) FC47
Oak Light (4020) FC29
Blonde Oak (8575) FC33
Harlech Oak (8573) FC18
Havana Oak (8574 FC5
Loft Oak (8576) FC54
Shire Oak (8633) FC47
Vario Aberdeen Oak (8725) FC36
Albany Oak (8635) FC18
Antique Oak (9195) FC50
Brissac Oak (8264) FC15
Canadian Elm (9400) N/A
English Oak (8718) FC45
Flanders Oak (1675) N/A
Harvester Oak (9747) FC28
Highland Oak (0709) FC25
Kolberg Oak (8786) FC45
Light Varnished Oak (9748) FC15
Vario 8mm Monaco Oak (8235 FC45
Vario 8mm New England Oak (8837 FC2
Riviera Oak (8092) FC45
Virginia Walnut (8748) FC41
Vario+ Aberdeen Oak (8725) FC36
Albany Oak (8635) FC18
Brissac Oak (8264) FC15
Highland Oak (0709) FC25
Kolberg Oak (8786) FC45
Light Varnished Oak (9748) FC15
New England Oak (8837) FC2
Riviera Oak (8092) FC45
Virginia Walnut (8748) FC41

Axion Avignon Oak FC29
Beech FC7
Magnitude Titanium Oak FC54
Blackfired Oak FC40
Superior Oak FC15
Country Oak FC45
Off-White Oak FC49
Sauvignon Oak FC33
Tobacco Oak FC46
Refined Oak FC33
River Oak FC48
Tuscan Oak FC49
Smoked Oak FC50
Old Flemished Oak FC52
Micro Groove White Sand Oak FC33
Java Oak FC42
Pure Stone Tiles Belgian Blue Flamed FC37
Limestone White FC14
Limestone Tobacco FC40
Belgian Blue Honed FC38
Stretto Narrow Plank Black Walnut FC52
Barley Oak FC51
Refined Hickory FC64
Transit Wood FC31
Tuscan Oak FC49
Tradition Elegant Honey Oak FC45
Volcano Oak FC54
American Oak FC29
Cambridge Oak FC33
Stanford Maple FC26
Tradition Quattro Carbon Black FC38
Liberty Oak FC18
Select Walnut FC43
Legacy Oak FC18
Lounge Oak FC15
Tasmanian Oak FC43
Cottage Oak FC18
Kambala FC30
Tradition Sapphire Olive FC46
Imperial Teak FC35
Crafted Oak FC50
Prestige Oak FC41
Weathered Oak FC47
Legacy Oak FC18
New England Oak FC14
Tradition Sculpture Prestige Oak FC41
Vintage Oak FC25
Heritage Oak FC30
Bleached Oak FC33
Vitality Deluxe Barn Oak FC18
Chateau Oak FC2


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