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Rattan Furniture Sets

Garden furniture can transform both the appearance and functionality of your garden. While you can purchase individual pieces, why not consider purchasing a high quality garden furniture set that saves you the hassle of finding matching pieces later? At Leader Stores we've worked with Richmond Garden to bring you a great selection of rattan furniture sets for 2016 and we've just launched our brand new 2017 Verano range, available in Black Rattan or Mocha Brown Rattan.

Design Your Garden

We offer garden furniture sets that are designed to complement just about any garden, whether you’re setting it up on the decking, down by the shed or sat in the middle of the grass - it looks great anywhere! Make your garden a great dining space for the whole family with a dining set. Create a calm space to relax and lounge in the sun with our sofa sets, or create a social space with one of our cube sets. Invite your friends and the whole family round - our garden furniture sets offer a lot of seating options that can be easily stored away once the party’s over!

Exceptional Construction

These garden furniture sets all offer great weather-resistance thanks to their rattan and aluminium frame construction, but if you're looking keep it safe from the elements when it's not in use we offer a universal weather protection cover that fits these sets perfectly. The tables use toughened safety glass too so you don't have to worry about any fragile pieces when using or storing the furniture sets. There is a lot to consider when looking at a garden furniture set, our rattan garden furniture buying guide may help you to choose the right garden furniture for you. If you have any questions please contact us, our sales team are more than happy to help you with anything you need!

Rattan Furniture Sets
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