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Lighting Accessories

We all know when it comes to any work at home that there is always at-least one little thing left to account for, whether it be a little fix up or just a matter of preference it can be frustrating finding what you need. That's why we've gathered together all the smaller accessories pieces you could need into one place so you can browse without a headache.


Sometimes you'll find the perfect base or something marked your favourite coloured shade and getting an exact match can be a nightmare; to help combat this and give you the best viable choice we've collected a wide variety of shades from Oaks Lighting and others in most of our standard sizes whether it be glass or fabric in design as they crucial measurement is the size of the bulb it accompanies.


The basic necessity; finding a replacement bulb or a different energy use of the same size can be a little confusing, to help with this we've found the most common sizes and obtained them in every variation we possibly can ranging from powerful Astro Lighting's dimmable bulbs down to the compact LED kits. Got a size a bit difficult to locate? ask us and we'll work to find a suitable match for you.


Whether its a small fixture such as an accessory frame from LEDS C4 or an entire pendant kit; finding the right piece is crucial to making sure the job is done correctly so if you have any doubts or confusion we're here to help you! Lots of ours products work universally with almost Light but it doesn't hurt to ask if you want to clarify before buying.

Found someone cheaper? let us know and we'll do our best to match or do better. Remember when ordering any Lighting related product from us at Leader Stores you also get Free Delivery! Enquire today for the best deals,

Lighting Accessories