Verano Rattan Furniture Guarantee


Richmond Verano Rattan Guarantee

Our 10 Year Guarantee

All of our Richmond Verano rattan garden furniture comes with a complimentary 10 year extended guarantee. This guarantee covers all furniture from weathering of the frames & rattan weaves.

Quality Materials

Every one of our rattan furniture products is manufactured using only luxury materials, which means it was built and designed to last. We have hand-picked quality fittings and materials which adds to the quality of the set and makes sure you can enjoy it for years to come. Each piece of the furniture is durable and robust enough to be protected against the elements, meaning you can store your rattan set outside all year round. We recommend cushions and covers are brought inside or stored somewhere dry to protect from damp, but the bulk of your set can be stored under a protective all-weather cover (Available here) and kept in the garden - no matter what weather it has to withstand.

Leader Stores take care of all assembly, so that we can see each set before it arrives. This quality control method ensures there is no disappointment when your furniture arrives. You can simply order your set, remove it from the packaging and position it how you want. The only thing you have to do is use it.

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